I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. Riki Evans years ago. When I found myself in need of support and guidance, and a new set of tools to take out of the darkness some things in my past, I couldn't think of anyone that I would trust with this more. Dr. Riki has helped me in ways that only she can. She is kind, yet firm. I have been uncomfortably comfortable in our sessions. She has taken EFT to a level that has helped me let go and release things that I hadn't been able to for 40 years. I would highly recommend you take the time to do a consultation with her. She has wit, charm, kindness, love and compassion along with knowledge and tools to help. I love working with Dr. Riki. -Kelly H

Thanks for the session D.r.Riki, it was easy to arrange and informative, I have been thinking candida may be an issue, and along with many other areas you addressed, thanks for the info I will get working on it. Much gratitude. X Kay Daniels

You are very helpful and gave me piece of mind during what could have been a serious health crisis. Your knowledge of health and wellness, as well as, your gift of intuition really put me at ease. -Tammy S.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for our consultation 2 weeks ago. First of all, to my surprise, you were spot-on about my histamine levels being really high, as I suddenly experienced 2 instances of hives within a few days! I’ve been taking the supplements and foods you recommended, and so far I’m not experiencing any more outward allergic signs. The videos you suggested I watch/listen to have been INCREDIBLY powerful for me, and I’m continuing to play them which I feel has shifted my energy and definitely changed the energy in my house! I even sense some shifts in my son who you clairvoyantly knew was suffering badly. You also helped empower me to trust in my own intuition more and that has been just amazing. I’ll totally be telling people to consult with Dr. Riki on their health and other life issues! Thank you for everything, and bless your heart for the way you work with people and your focus on the purpose of spreading kindness and wellness to the world. -Lani Winzer



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