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Radiant Healing provides comfort and ease to those looking to shift and change illness and emotional upset.


This method has helped many create some amazing transformations just by being present with the energies Dr. Riki facilitates.


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Radiant Living

Hi, I'm Dr. Riki, a Traditional Naturopath, and Metaphysician. As a Naturopath, I work with the body to create physical well-being. As a Metaphysician, I work with the principles of the mind (and beyond) to create powerful and lasting change in peoples’ lives.


For over 30 years, I have gathered a wide range of tools for healing and personal growth. I use a holistic approach to integrate multiple dimensions of the self that must work in harmony, the mind, body and spirit.


I have created various programs to put you on a path to your well-being. We can also work together one-on-one to create massive change in your life.



 "Beneath the fear and pain you'll find Love, patiently waiting to be discovered." - Dr. Riki L. Evans



I'll empower you with tools to break free from anything blocking you from living the life you want. You'll become more self-aware, and have more self-acceptance, and self-love.


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Choose You!

Beneath the fear and pain you'll find Love, patiently waiting to be discovered." - Dr. Riki L. Evans

"When we heal ourselves, we begin to create healing in our families. When we heal our families, we begin to create healing in our communities. When we heal communities, it ripples out to create healing and light in the whole world." - Dr. Riki


About Me

Riki L. Evans, ND, PhD, BMsc

As a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor, I'm certified in Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Iridology, and Herbal supplementation. I have a

Bachelor Degree in Metaphysical Science.

In 2001, I became a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Since then, I've added many other forms of energy work to my tool box.

I'm the author of "Spice Up Your Love Life With Essential Oils", a former co-host of "Natural Remedies" radio show, an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner, a Certified Life Coach, a Parenting with Love & Logic educator, and Ordained Minister with  International Metaphysical Ministry, and a Psychology student at a local college.

I have had a lifelong interest in physical and emotional healing. I love to help people to improve their quality of life through empowerment, awareness, and creating well-being within the body, mind, and spirit.